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Since 1950 Ministry of Land in different names during different regimes is entrusted with the land management of this country. The important aims and objectives of Ministry of Land are management and settlement of the Government owned lands (khas lands), sairat mahals(jalmahal, shirmp mahal etc.), vested properties and abandoned properties.
Collection of land development tax is another important task of this ministry as well as land survey and record keeping and updating. Acquisition and requisition of land are also important responsibilities of this ministry. Thus this ministry is in charge of land administration, management and development for the benefit of the people of Bangladesh.The Digital Land Record Management system application shall be responsible for automating the land records process. This applicationwill be hosted on Data Center located at the DLRS head office. A Wide Area Network (WAN) will be created through suitable network connectivity to connect all 7 district offices and 45 Upazila offices and 20 Land Information Service Centers to the Data Center.

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